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"Technology opens opportunities to reinvent projects so that they become more authentically connected to students' lives" (Boss and Krauss, 2007, p.4).

Benefits of Integrating Technology within PBL

  • students have access to additional resources, tools, and applications (Land & Hannafin, 1997)
  • allows for self-directed student learning through student-led exploration of online applications and web technology (Bell, 2010)
  • provide contexts that promote sampling, discovering, manipulating, and investigating (Land & Hannafin, 1997)
  • facilitates understanding of abstract concepts through concrete experiences
  • creates a context where knowledge and skills are authentically anchored (Land & Hannafin, 1997)

Tips for Teachers

  • be mindful of how to use technology to enhance project-based learning (Land & Hannafin, 1997)
  • understand the components of project-based learning, how technology integration looks in lesson design, and then combine the two concepts (Walker et. al., 2011)
  • Student inexperience with technology may affect their self-directed learning with project-based learning (Bell, 2010)
  • be cognizant of the relevance between technology and the activity as well as how it encourages self-directed learning
  • guide students in their understanding of how to utilize technology during self-directed learning activities
  • learning management systems may be used by the teacher-facilitator to provide a framework and organization by which the self-directed learner may find beneficial

Example PBL with Technology Lessons

PBL with Technology Integration Resources for Educators

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